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Original Discord Bot

I Have a lot of commands. If you need a lot of commands for your Discord server, you don't need to invite 10 bots, now I'm here!


I have a lot of commands and these commands are very useful for your server!


With me you can customizable a lot your server with my commands for customize.


I Like Votes

If you like me you can vote for me on Top.GG. And if you vote for me it's also to support the developer.

About us

I'm Here for You

Utility Bot has been created by Elpistolero13🔫#0001, in 2019. The first name of Utility Bot was PapiFaitTout a french bot, the second name was YZ Bot a french bot. And now it's Utility Bot a French-English bot.


Look the Utility Bot patch notes.

Here you can see the all news of Utility Bot,
Patch Notes, Design, and so on...

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Public Commands

You can set YOUR commande for Utility Bot $9.99

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You can have YOUR commande for Your server $4.99
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You can talk with us for more information or other on our Discord Server.